~ What I Hope To Achieve In 2019 ~


So this feels weird. The last time I posted was before Halloween, and even then I wasn’t feeling the content at all. To be honest, it’s been a long time since I really felt like writing on my blog. So to start 2019, I wanted to share some of my thoughts, plans and aspirations for the next 12 months.

It’s the biggest cliche in the world but… I don’t want to make resolutions this year as I never stick to them and always feel like a failure when I inevitably give up. So this year I’m twisting it slightly and making plans for things I hope to achieve in 2019. I’m not putting pressure on myself to change, just encouraging myself to work towards better things.

Easy Plus Size Halloween Costumes – Part 2

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Beetlejuice… Beetlejuice… Beetlejuice! Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved this movie so I thought this would make an awesome but easy costume for this post. In case you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what Beetlejuice looks like, here’s some inspo for the costume…





Although he wears a few other outfits in the film, the black and white suit is the most iconic. And after browsing the Pretty Little Thing plus collection, it seems the easiest to put together without buying a highly flammable ready to wear costume. I have to warn you this post is very PLT heavy but it is definitely not sponsored – they’ve just absolutely nailed the monochrome stripes.

So obviously the first thing you need to get your hands on is a black and white striped outfit. PLT have a few different jacket and trouser combos, but also some jumpsuits and dresses if you wanted to mix it up a bit. My favourite option is this Longline Duster Jacket and these Wide Leg Trousers combo. They are the perfect design and are still chic AF. Paired with either a plain black cami or even a white shirt and tie, you’ve got an easy peasy Beetlejuice costume. Not gonna lie, I’m genuinely going to order this anyway because I love it!



If you want something a bit different, there is this Oversized Blazer Dress which would make one seriously sexy Beetlejuice outfit. Pair this with either a simple black heel or stay true to the movie and wear some chunky lace-up boots.


PLT blazer dress


Another option is a jumpsuit, and PLT have two monochrome striped number. There is this Culotte Jumpsuit which I can tell would be pretty universally flattering, not to mention comfortable and this slightly fancier One Shoulder Jumpsuit which is definitely not for me (I can’t do strapless bras and I do not like my arms!) but would be a standout outfit.



The last option I have is actually a top I already own, and wore for the first time at the weekend. You might have even seen my post on Instagram (check it out here if you missed it) where I captioned it with “Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice”. This Tie Waist Blouse is perfect for an understated costume, if you just want a nod to the character without committing to a fully striped outfit you could pair this with black skinny jeans and you’re good to go.


PLT tie waist blouse


Makeup wise you can go all out for this, or you can tone it down… it’s up to you. If you’re committing 100% to the cause then I highly recommend you check out Sarah McGonagall’s Instagram tutorial here because to me it is absolute perfection! She’s nailed the look whilst still looking beautiful. But if you just want to do a toned down version of the makeup, I’d go for a heavy purple smoky eye with either a black lipstick (try the new Fenty Lip Paint in Uninvited or Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Witches) or even green (try Envy or Ms. Invisible, both by LA Splash).


beetlejuice makeup inspo 2


Hair-wise, you could buy a white wig and add some green hair paint around the front then just backcomb the shit out of it. Or if you’d prefer to go without a wig then make your hair as wild as possible – I would probably tightly curl my hair, backcomb it and make it look like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards.


beetlejuice makeup inspo


I think if I were going to a Halloween party this year, I would definitely be going as Beetlejuice. I love the striped suit from PLT and I think it’d be fun to try and recreate Sarah’s makeup look. Are you going to any fancy dress parties this Halloween? If so, what are you planning on wearing? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading…

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Easy Plus Size Halloween Costumes – Part 1


I flipping love Halloween. It’s always been one of my favourite holidays… what’s not to love? Sweeties, horror films, spooky things and fancy dress. I know it’s not everyone’s bag but it is most definitely mine.

Fun story… I once turned up to work in full-on fancy dress as a ventriloquist’s dummy and no one else dressed up!! I sat in the car for a good 10 minutes watching people walk through the car park in normal clothes and genuinely thought about driving home and calling in sick. In the end I scuttled up to my office where I hid for the rest of the day. I literally felt like the biggest dummy in the world.

Ventriloquist's Dummy

Anyways… being plus sized can often hold people back when it comes to fancy dress. It seems like most ready made costumes are for slim people only, particularly those who are happy to show a lot of flesh! Not to mention, when you do buy a ready made costume they’re made of cheap, scratchy fabric which should in no circumstances go anywhere near anything flammable. I much prefer to pick some inspiration and then put my own costume together from non-Halloween items. So in this post I’ll share with you some quick and easy ideas…

Dressing For Changing Seasons with Boohoo


I am beyond excited to be writing this post. I have been saying for ages that I wanted to start incorporating more fashion into my blog and now I’ve finally plucked up the courage to do it… with a little help from one of my favourite places to shop – Boohoo.

Some history… For years I struggled to keep up with trends as the high street shops I’d once loved stopped at a size 14, and as I gained a few pounds stone I needed some bigger sizes. These days most high street shops go up to a 16/18 with some going up to 22/24 but it’s online where I’ve found the wardrobe I’d always wanted. I stalk the pages of Boohoo, ASOS and Simply Be because they don’t just put out floral muumuus and call it plus size. They have some shape, some style and some serious sass! They have all played a massive part in my increased body confidence over the last year or so.

So when Boohoo got in touch to ask me to talk about dressing for the change in seasons, I did a little cry. The Boohoo dress range is huge and really affordable, and I’m not gonna lie this made it difficult to pick just one dress. I definitely added at least another 10 to my wishlist ready for payday! See for yourself here.

Boohoo Plus Ruched Waist Maxi Dress

Above all the dresses, I was drawn to this beautiful rust coloured maxi dress. The shade screamed Autumn, with the lightweight style still being perfect for Summer. It also comes in a mustard shade (which is actually called orange online, but looks more yellow in the photos) and black. I think all three shades are perfect for this time of year.

Boohoo Plus Ruched Waist Maxi Dress

After the schorchio Summer we’ve had, and then the sudden hit of Autumn it can be difficult to know whether to wrap up and risk being too hot by lunchtime or to risk it and pray it doesn’t start chucking it down as soon as you step out of the house. When the weather is like this, I tend to embrace an autumnal colour scheme but wear something that’ll keep me cool without a jacket.

I’ve just got home from a week in Portugal and you’d better believe this dress absolutely came with me. I wore it out for dinner one evening and you know what it’s like on holibobs, it’s red hot in the day but the evenings can be a little chilly. A maxi dress is my suitcase staple as you’re pretty much fully covered (so no corned beef legs on show) but not sweating profusely when the sun is still shining.

This dress is super flowy and skims all my lumps and bumps but I feel like it avoids the frump factor by adding details like the ruched waistband, tassels and the split at the front. I’m 5ft6 and the dress is floor length on me, so I do find myself holding it up when I walk but it does make me feel fancy AF when I swish it around – honestly, put me in a dress and I become a toddler!

Boohoo Plus Ruched Waist Maxi Dress

Although on holiday and for these photos (on a day when it wasn’t the sunniest and rain was threatening us, hence the snazzy brolly), I styled this dress minimally with just my tan sandals from Dune and my Kate Spade quilted bag, I have big plans for wearing the dress throughout Autumn with some more layers. Now the weather has started to take a turn for the worse, I’ll be layering up with my denim jacket and switching out open toes for a comfy pair of Converse. I also going to be rocking it with an oversized chunky knit cardigan (definitely a go-to item for me) and some ankle boots as it starts to get a little chillier outside.

Boohoo Plus Ruched Waist Maxi Dress

I ordered the dress in a size 20 and I find it quite generous, potentially I could have sized down but I love the comfort that the relaxed fit brings – plus you can wear it out for dinner without emphasising the inevitable food baby… winner!

Boohoo Plus Ruched Waist Maxi Dress

What is your tried and true style when it comes to dressing for this time of year? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. I’d also love some feedback on this type of post – is it nice to see something different, or should I stick to beauty?!

Also, as this is the first “photoshoot” I’ve ever done (I use the word photoshoot loosely as it was basically me and my very helpful husband taking pics at some local gardens when no one was looking!) and I can assure you there were lots of unusable pics which I may share on my Instagram stories for jokes so be sure to follow me over there!

Thank you so much for reading…

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* This dress was kindly gifted to me by Boohoo in exchange for a feature on my blog – thank you Boohoo! As always all opinions and thoughts are my own *

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Revolution Conceal and Define Tarte Shape Tape Dupe

Is It A Dupe? Tarte Shape Tape vs. Revolution Conceal & Define


I may be a bit late with this post as this dupe has been talked about for a while now but I’m sure I’ve still got some readers who’d like to see a side by side comparison and review of two of the current most talked about concealers, so here it is.

Revolution Conceal and Define Tarte Shape Tape Dupe

Cast your mind back to 2016 when the Tarte Shape Tape concealer was released and the beauty community went crazy for it. It didn’t release in the UK straight away but then QVC graced us with it a few months later. Then probably a year later, Revolution (official dupe masters) released the Conceal and Define Concealer. The concept and design felt familiar. Very quickly it was hailed as Tarte Shape Tape’s younger, cheaper sibling.

Upon release, Tarte launched 11 shades which were heavily weighted towards lighter skin tones (and then launched the foundation which had all sorts of uproar for the same reason), whereas Revolution released a more acceptable 18 which were varied and widely inclusive. They have also launched more shades since bringing the total up to 25.

The Tarte Shape Tape is available from QVC here and costs £28.02 plus £3.95 postage. It’s not available on its own from QVC, it comes with the Tarte beauty sponge – which is a good sponge to be fair. The Revolution Conceal and Define is a lot more accessible for us here in the UK, you can buy it from Superdrug in-store and online here and it costs just £4. You can also buy direct from the Revolution Beauty website here. I find that in-store most shades are either sold out or have been opened (why are Superdrug shoppers so annoying?!) so now that I know my shades, I buy online.

There is a big difference in quantities – you get 10ml of product in the Tarte tube and just 4ml in the Revolution one. I find I need a lot less of the Tarte one so it has lasted me absolutely ages, however with daily use of the Revolution one I have repurchased several times over. Revolution have just launched a supersized version of their concealer which contains over 3 times more product (13ml) so I will definitely be buying that one next time I need to repurchase. The supersize one retails for just £7 and is available here.

The Tarte packaging was quite unusual for a concealer. It comes in a thicker tube with a chunky doe foot applicator. It has definitely inspired more brands launching concealer since then. One thing I’ll say about the packaging is that it can get messy! The applicator picks up a lot of product which doesn’t get scraped off as it’s pulled out of the tube. The Revolution packaging is pretty similar, but is quite a bit shorter. The applicator is also bigger than most concealers but also can get messy just like the Tarte one. Another thing that the Revolution one does, and I’ll struggle to explain this so bear with me, is that when you put the applicator back in the tube, if you don’t twist it to close it straight away it pops back up and I always end up getting concealer all over my fingers! Does that make sense? It irks me.

Both concealers are praised for being super full coverage and I would definitely agree with that. I’ve mentioned my under eye dark circles a number of times and I know I can always rely on both concealers to cover them up better than most others. I would say the Tarte concealer is a lot thicker so it’s easy to go overboard and end up looking a bit dry. I find the Revolution one a little less thick and less drying. Of the two, I never need to set the Tarte concealer with powder as it doesn’t really crease on me but I usually set the Revolution one as it can crease.

I have two shades each of the Tarte and Revolution concealers – and they are all very comparable. From Tarte I use Light-Medium for spot concealing and every day under eye concealing, then I use Light for highlighting when I’m going full glam. I have the same type of shades from Revolution – C5 is my every day shade and C6 is my highlighting shade. I do find it odd that C6 is lighter than C5 when the shade range tends to get deeper as the numbers go up so be aware of that when buying online – there are lots of swatches on t’internet that will help if you’re unsure.

Revolution Conceal and Define Tarte Shape Tape Dupe

I find that both last really well throughout the day, and have found no difference in that area. As I said, I don’t set the Tarte one and it still lasts really well without setting. Sometimes I do skip setting the Revolution one if I’m literally just wearing concealer with no other base makeup just to keep it looking more natural and although it creases a little, it doesn’t fade away.

I’ve spent a long time using both of these concealers and I would 100% agree that the Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer is a solid dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape. Although I love the Tarte Shape Tape, I will probably forever repurchase the Revolution one and may not rush to replace my Tarte when I run out. Particularly with the ease of sourcing the Revolution one over the Tarte, and obviously the huge price difference!

Woah, that felt like a long post – so if you’ve stuck around this far… well done!! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this dupe so do leave me a comment below.

Thank you so much for reading…

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